My great 25 years old

Thanks Allah, to make me through these quarter century with happiness and sadness. Thanks for bless me with sincere companions made me feel better, made me feel positive and unique, made me know more about me and made me love my self.

Thanks for those falling love and heartache made me grow stronger. Thanks for those misread signals, sensitivities and insensitivities. Thanks for those longing happened due late awareness, hurt came from over high expectations, and unpredictable happiness.

Thanks for the lessons and test made me almost failed, but You guide me to success. I realize that I know nothing, and I need to learn more about me, about others, about love, about life, about pursuing, about losing, about releasing, almost about everything.

Thanks for drawn me together with great peoples, great jobs, great parents, great brothers and sisters, great mate, great friends and nice guy.

Thanks for these great life experience and opportunities, for dreams You made it cames true, and a wish You’ve been postponed.

2 February 2017


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