Hard to Love

You showed me that I was just a diamond in the rough.
You helped me to grow into the man that I’ve become.
We’ve been down, we’ve been up.
I hope I’ve made you  proud enough.
You make it look easy even when I’m hard to love.
-Taka, One Ok Rock

This excerpt is a chorus lyric of one of ONE OK ROCK‘s songs from the english version of “Ambitions” album titled “Hard to love”. This song was wrote by Taka and dedicated to his father, Shinichi Moriuchi who lived separated from him since his divorced with Taka’s mother on 2005.

For Taka, his father was scary and have strict character in ruling family, and it’s drives Taka got into his rebellious stage. Their father-son relationship was getting better when his father came to his show in Budokan concert together with her mother. After that live performance Taka conveyed his gratitude to his parents.

Back into the song, before released in this Ambitions album, this song have been sang in some of their live performance in America. I’ve been also search this mp3 song when the first time I hear this song on YouTube, but just found the live record-fan made only, with the crowded claps and cheers in the back of the sounds. Happy to know that this song now released in english version of Ambitions Album.

Source: http://www.oneokrock.com

You can get this ONE OK ROCK’s new album at the official Fueled By Ramen store – (http://smarturl.it/ONEOKROCKstore) You can also pre-order on iTunes / Google Play / Amazon!
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/oneokrockAmbitions
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I love this song, not only because I enjoy Taka’s husky voice in this slow song, but also the lyric just come to me. It’s touching me, since I have such a hate-love relationship with my father. I can feel the emotions Taka have in this song.

“Dad, do you know how much I hate you?”

I hate my father so much. I hate his bad temper, and over emotional reaction for a small case. I hate the way he combed my short hair when I was kid. I hate that pastel bubble dress he ask me to wore in that party. I hate the way he selectively restricted my friend’s circle. I hate the way he minimized and disparaged my challenging dreams just to protect me. I hate the way he told me that he can feel my pain. I hate the way he over protecting me as if I was a ‘diamond in the rough’ thing. I’m not that special dad, I’m just . . . me. I hate the way he boasted my little achievements as if I’ve got a noble prize.

He gave me too much love, and there’s no good in something ‘too much’.

Contrary with those all hatred things, he always be my everything in my live. When I was kid he always be my encyclopedia answered all my curiosity about the world. He’s my search engine, my scientific calculator effectively helped me to do my equations homework. He’s the first and only one who said “Aamiin” for my crazy-almost unattainable-wish. He’s my best buddy. Best discussion partner. He’s the only one who always treat me as his priority.

Thanks dad, you make it look easy even when I’m hard to love.



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